The one time I tried to play Tomb Raider

A few days ago, I discoverd that Tomb Raider was on sale on the humble store. Everyone who knows me should know: i couldn’t resist.
Well, I spend about 6 $ and now I own the first three parts of the series.

When Tomb Raider was the hottest stuff you could get, I didn’t have a pretty good PC, but the brother of my best friend had one, I started watching him play and it was freaking awesome.

I guess everyone can imagin HOW exciting it was to finaly play the games - it was not. It sucked.

But why? cause I suck at gaming; I realy do. I didn’t even get through the first “room” cause I failed at jumping. It was one of my biggest fails in video games. But stay tuned, I have a few storys to tell (the one time I got lost in WOW; another time I run in circles for hours in bioshock AND don’t let me start about FEZ -.-)

Boston Legal parallels with my life

  • Shirley: Denny, Paul and I need to talk to you
  • Denny: whatever it is, I'm innocent


Denny Crane: What are you looking for? Serious relationship?

Alan Shore: Don’t be silly… I’m already involved with you.

Denny Crane: You’re damn right!

"Why didn’t you say anything"
“There was nothing to tell."